oKeep your fork !
oIf you have a fork, you dont need a spoon to stir your coffee.
oDont expect ice.
oExpect ice cream on any dessert--whats dessert without it ?
oTuxedos optional.
oKill or remove ants crawling on the counter.
oPass the tabasco or ketchup to your needy
oWait till bean asks you for your order.......there is an order to things blieve it ... or not.
oMove down when people need to sit.
oPut money out on the edge of the counter when youre ready to hit the road.
oIf you are becoming or are a regular, lets exchange names....expect me to know it after 3 visits.
oWhen we are in the weeds, expect to clear off the tables yourself
oRead the hours on the door--we dont advertise, so tell your special friends.
oFeel free to come in right at closing or even after--we are flexible with that.
oWe dont make promises about eggs--they come "over" or "scrambled"
oDont take more coffee if you aint gonna drink it--
oUse all the syrup or ketchup you squirt on your plate.take scraps to dogs.
oSay goodbye whenya leave. greetings are part of the deal here.
oIf you ask me "whats good" expect a smart remark
oRead the boards
oTell me to quiet down. i will tell you to clean your plate.
oSave room for dessert, always.
oIf you really hate the music, say so, i will change it.
oExpect truthfulness, as will i.
oIf your food has arrived, your friends food will follow.
oCoffee guzzlers--look for coffee carafs on the counter.
oExpect the unexpected.
oRemember, we need you, you need us. we are all in this together. love alot.
oHate little.
oLive by your heart and keep finding it at the stockyard cafe.
oLove to all. peace out, beansprout.
oIn whitmans words. "i celebrate myself and sing myself, and what i assume you shall assume for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."